CITIES XL 2012-City Link Program (CLIP)

Welcome to the "City Link Program (CLIP)"This program is designated to share my city to and other player city and make it playable to the other user,This project is open for participant for XLN communities or other Social media network, before installing any of these city you need to do a back up for your saved game and mod ,installing this program is own your risk,but don't worries all the files is definitely safe from virus and malware.

As the online feature that allow CXL player to communicate with the other city player has been shut down , i was come up with this idea,previously program already been launch on several PC and my friend doesn't encounter any problem during the installation.

However there is several rule that the participant need to follow, you're prohibited to re-publish the Cities with the same name, but you're still allowed to do any change to the cities and re-published it but with different name.

For more info go to this Page

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